On the Maximum Range of Flying Wings [report]

Peter J. Torvik
1990 unpublished
AS .kprve.to pbScBia ABSTRACT ' The classical equations for determining the maximum range of aircraft with propellor and jet propulsion systems are reviewed, along with previous work conducted to determine the optimal division of aircraft volume between fuselage and wing components. That the jet powered flying wing configuration produces optimal range only for limited geometries is confirmed. The optimal range of aircraft employing high bypass jet engines is explored, and found to lead to a
more » ... der range of design parameters for which the flying wing design produces maximum range than is the case when a pure jet system is used. Unannounced 0 J u s t i f i e a t i o n ------By-DistrlutiO!~--Availatility -Codes ,land/ or Dist Speclal I
doi:10.21236/ada229487 fatcat:ds6v6d3zwjhrzkmy3zcci6mel4