A Great Demand and Need for a Journal/The Journal of The N. D. A.; Its Aims/An Official Organ a Necessity/A Great Organization Needs An Official Organ/A Journal Free From "Trade" Conditions/The Importance and Chief Problem of The Undertaking/Securing Plenty of Material and An Able Editor/Censorship Over All Papers and Advertisements/An Independent Mouthpiece/Time to Begin Publication

J.P. Buckley, Julio Endelman, H.F. Hoffman, Jos. D. Eby, Frank L. Platt, Charles S. Butler, Marcus L. Ward, C.E. Post, B.D. Brabson, Otto U. King
1914 Official Bulletin of the National Dental Association  
D ear D octor K ing:-W hen I received th e first Bulletin th a t was issued by the N ational D ental A ssociation and after reading its contents, I unconsciously had a feeling akin to pride th a t I had the honor of m em bership in this g rea t Asso ciation. The B ulletin did credit to all who had anything to do w ith its appear ance; and it m ust have fulfilled a t least one of its functions in th a t it m ade the new m em bers feel th a t they were getting som ething for th e ir money, and th
more » ... a t m em bership in the N ational was w orth while, even though they never expected to atten d m any of its meetings. I have personally talked w ith m any of these new m em bers in different parts of the country, and they a re all pleased w ith th e B ulletin and are looking for w ard to the tim e w hen th e Journal of th e Association will be published. The first issue of th e Journal of the N ational D ental Association should be such, in appearance and character, as to a t once fu rth e r the in te rest of the Association. T here are several good journals published today by different dental supply houses, and our literature on the whole reflects credit on our pro fession. B ut th e re is a g rea t dem and and need for a journal such as the N ational contem plates publishing in the n ear future. T he general plan of this journal m ust be determ ined afte r due deliberation. T he Journal Com mittee is w orking faithfully along th is line, and no doubt a practical plan will soon be subm itted for approval or modification. One of th e g re a te st problem s, in my opinion, to be solved in connection w ith the publication of th e Journal is to de cide on th e man, or perhaps it m ay be group of men, to be th e editor or editors. L et us m ake no m istake with our journal. It behooves every m an who is interested in th e success of th e re organized N ational to give some study and thought to the ch aracter and plan of our Journal. ito r of the Pacific D ental G azette. The N ational D ental Association as re organized, a t th e 1913 meeting, m arks the beginning of a new era in professional advancem ent. N eith er th e segregation of d entistry from th e m other profession, nor th e founding of th e first dental school in Baltim ore, nor again the ap pearance of th e first dental periodical m arked an epoch of g rea ter im port than the successful culm ination of the wisely directed efforts in behalf of an organ ization truly rep resen tativ e in nam e and character. T h a t such an organization should have a literary mouth-piece of its own, clothed w ith the prestige and scientfic attain m en ts of its com ponent units, no one could reasonably gainsay. It is in th e course of profes sional evolution th e second logical step and the sine qua non in th e struggle tow ard th e goal of p ractical idealism. The official organ of the National D ental A ssociation should therefore be so conceived as to stand in th e light of an am bassadorial ag en t of th e profes sional dem ocracy it represents. As such its policies, literary contents, and gen eral make-up should reflect th e character,
doi:10.14219/jada.archive.1914.0026 fatcat:memos4356vfc7gsdkxmos7afwq