Commercial aspect of sport events

Marek Zawartka
2015 Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego Service Management  
Abstr act Sport through its multilateral character has become a kind of phenomenon, which co-creates the image of contemporary mass culture. Sports all the time is in the process of professionalization and commercialization, which leads to competing athletes and sports clubs in order to maximize financial returns. Sport has become an important element of the economy, strongly influencing the production area, sports facilities and sports equipment. It is subject to the universal rules of the
more » ... market, including commercialization, rationalization, professionalism, bureaucracy, entertaining etc. (Guttmann, 1995) . The purpose of this article is to show sporting events in a slightly different dimension than is traditionally perceived, as a business, which can earn all stakeholders involved in the co-creation.
doi:10.18276/smt.2015.16-16 fatcat:rkmiwfr2uzf23fvwozdlilspv4