Low serum albumin is not a contraindication for early iatrogenic bile duct injury repair

Miguel Angel Mercado, Carlos Chan, Héctor Orozco, Eitan Podgaetz, David Estuardo Porras-Aguilar, Antonio Ramos De la Medina, Carlos A Hinojosa, Juan José Plata-Muñoz, César Jaramillo, F I Oki
Annals of Hepatology  
Early repair is indicated if there is no systemic contraindication (sepsis, multiple organic failure, electrolytic imbalance). Abnormalities in the liver function tests, particularly a low serum albumin, should not delay the operation. Although significantly more postoperative complications are observed in an early repair, long-term results are comparable to those of an elective repair.
pmid:16177657 fatcat:gpfniwt6gfgflc6t6d5ioxjdhy