Analysis of Income Distribution and Economic Growth Relation in Process of Neoliberal Economic Policies in Turkey
Türkiye'de Neoliberal Ekonomi Politikaları Sürecinde Gelir Bölüşümü ve İktisadi Büyüme İlişkisinin Analizi

Ahmet İncekara, Betül Mutlugün
2016 International Conference on Eurasian Economies 2016   unpublished
Income inequality has long been the economic, social, political and moral concern for many countries. Attaining more fair income distribution along with economic growth and development has started to gain importance. But in spite of the vast literature on income distribution and economic growth, there remains disagreement on the effect of income inequality on economic growth. With the transformation process as a result of neoliberal policies implemented since the late 1970's, unequal
more » ... unequal distribution of income became more apparent in terms of economic and social issues. In this study, the effect of neoliberal economic policies on income inequality and economic growth has been analyzed in the context of social classes.
doi:10.36880/c07.01499 fatcat:em63q4z2rvbazc3awdggvvaexq