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Calculating the radiation dosage to an organ

R J Cloutier, E E Watson, R H Rohrer, E M Smith
1973 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
The accuracy of the dose estimates will be no better than the biological and @70 physical data used for the calculations.  ...  Because mTB/(mTB _ mt) is very nearly equal to 1 for most body organs, Eq. 9 will usually be ade quate for dose calculations.  ... 
pmid:4682153 fatcat:6jwatkki7fe27gxmfwrtwqui2y

Calculation of Drug Dosage In Chronic Kidney Disease

Tenta Hartian Hendyatama, Nunuk Mardiana
2020 Current Internal Medicine Research and Practice Surabaya Journal  
Thus by knowing it, drug dosage can be determined.Chronic kidney disease alter the effect of drug, some decrease drug effect but more often increase drug toxicity.  ...  Dosage must be based on several factors, not only glomerular filtration rates but also other comorbid diseases, interactions with other drugs and clinical condition of the patient.  ...  changing in CKD, calculation of drug dosage in CKD and drug monitoring in CKD.  ... 
doi:10.20473/cimrj.v1i1.16894 fatcat:u6b46kafivaipmawd2la4c3uli

Errors by paediatric residents in calculating drug dosages

1999 Archives of Disease in Childhood  
Errors by paediatric residents in calculating drug dosages EDITOR,-Rowe and colleagues 1 focus welcome attention on how the risk of neonatal unit prescribing errors might be reduced.  ...  Their suggestion that a simple test of mathematical ability may be able to detect individuals with impaired calculation skills deserves further evaluation.  ... 
doi:10.1136/adc.80.1.100d pmid:10325777 pmcid:PMC1717790 fatcat:ctbqom4eavhfrppvil2j5evpcy

Efficiency of individual dosage of digoxin with calculated concentration

Li Zhao, Peng Yang, Pengmei Li, Xiaoxing Wang, Wangjun Qin, Zhang Xianglin
2014 Clinical Interventions in Aging  
The correlations between measured SDCs and calculated SDCs and between clearance of digoxin and creatinine clearance rate were assessed retrospectively.  ...  this study indicate that clearance of digoxin and the creatinine clearance rate cannot be explained by renal function alone and that the validity of the Konishi equation for individualizing the digoxin dosage  ...  A number of equations have been developed to calculate the digoxin dosage in order to avoid the adverse effects of overexposure to the drug, but most have targeted higher SDCs than those now recommended  ... 
doi:10.2147/cia.s63596 pmid:25092970 pmcid:PMC4113571 fatcat:i4c3shky2zdh5hmcj3ms2bky5u

Calculation of drug dosage and body surface area of children

J A Lack, M E Stuart-Taylor
1997 British Journal of Anaesthesia  
The British National Formulary and many reference textbooks recommend that drug dosages for children be calculated according to body surface area (BSA).  ...  Although many rules for drug dosage have been developed, based on age, weight and surface area, none has been accurate and simple enough for routine use.  ...  Figure 2 2 Weight-based rules for calculation of childrens' drug dosages as a percentage of adult doses.  ... 
doi:10.1093/bja/78.5.601 pmid:9175982 fatcat:gzwzbogsbrgrrag5z66wqrldze

Computer-assisted dosage calculation for strabismus therapy in myopic patients

Martina Koch, Siegfried Priglinger, Robert Hoerantner, Thomas Haslwanter
2008 Acta Ophthalmologica  
The calculated dosage was transferred to the bulb and muscle with a caliper and methylene blue marking. The effect of recession and resection or plication on the strabismus angle was rated as equal.  ...  Using the actual surgical parameters, SEE++ calculated almost the same remaining strabismus angle as found in the patients (low dosage Rect. lat., lateral rectus muscle; rect. med., medial rectus muscle  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1600-0420.2007.00997.x pmid:17681035 fatcat:lufqetmitrc3bimxb5vs6txxce

Evaluating nurses' knowledge regarding dosage calculation at Civil Hospital, Karachi

Abdul Rahim Mangrio, Pir Bux Jokhio, Saif Ullah Mahar
improved knowledge of dosage calculation after interventional training.  ...  Appropriate therapeutic care and management is primarily based on the knowledge of dosage calculation and associated skills.  ...  and researchers provided complete concepts of drug dosage calculations both micro and macro.  ... 
doi:10.29052/ijehsr.v8.i1.2020.34-40 fatcat:ehql76dflbcoxownbnzssslmmi

Comparative study of rules employed for calculation of pediatric drug dosage

Gracieli Prado Elias, Cristina Antoniali, Ronaldo Célio Mariano
2005 Journal of Applied Oral Science  
It can be concluded that the use of the rules for safe calculation of the pediatric drug dosage is possible and it depends on the used drug and age group.  ...  The present study was conducted to evaluate the utilization of Clark's, Salisbury and Penna's rules and the Body Surface Area (BSA) formula for calculation of pediatric drug dosage, as well as their reliability  ...  The pediatric dosages achieved were compared to the predetermined dosages in mg kg -1 , herein named standard dosages, also calculated for each child.  ... 
doi:10.1590/s1678-77572005000200004 pmid:20924533 fatcat:elqwczujrbem5fmffpe3tisv64

The Lived Experiences of Undergraduate Nursing Students Learning Drug Dosage Calculation

Marie-Bernard Lazare
2018 International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices  
Competency in dosage calculation skills remains the obligation of nursing education.  ...  It is evident through research that there is an urgent need for improvement in safe drug dosage calculation competence [2] .  ...  educate students on drug dosage calculation.  ... 
doi:10.15344/2394-4978/2018/297 fatcat:z7jyyki77rdmffjkf75kjawt5i

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Calculator Use in Drug Dosage Calculation among Italian Nursing Students: A Comparative Study

Anna Maria Grugnetti, Cristina Arrigoni, Annamaria Bagnasco, Giuseppina Grugnetti, Stefania Menoni, Maeve Casey, Loredana Sasso
2017 International Journal of Clinical Skills  
Drug administration is among the principle duties of nurses, therefore it is essential that nurses are able to carry out, drug dosage calculations, to assure patient safety.  ...  if the calculator helps students to reduce mathematical errors.  ...  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Calculator Use in Drug Dosage Calculation among Italian Nursing Students: A Comparative Study caution.  ... 
doi:10.4172/clinical-skills.1000112 fatcat:vy6hh4wiq5cxvhzl7wtcpenlyi

Does teaching methodology affect medication dosage calculation skills of undergraduate nursing students?

Kristie Riddle, Lindsay Domiano
2019 Journal of Nursing Education and Practice  
To ensure patient safety, nurses must be competent in medication dosage calculation (MDC) skills.  ...  Studies have shown that both nursing students and practicing nurses have problems accurately calculating medication dosages.  ...  medication dosages  ... 
doi:10.5430/jnep.v10n3p36 fatcat:km2hqpr4abgqhfvm3q247u2s3m

Analytical method for calculation of deviations from intended dosages during multi-infusion

Maurits K. Konings, Roland A. Snijder, Joris H. Radermacher, Annemoon M. Timmerman
2017 BioMedical Engineering OnLine  
Abstract Background: In this paper, a new method is presented that combines mechanical compliance effects with Poiseuille flow and push-out effects ("dead volume") in one single mathematical framework for calculating  ...  provides insight and predictability in a large range of possible situations involving many variables and dependencies, which is potentially very useful for e.g. the development of a fast, bed-side tool ("calculator  ...  Furthermore, in this paper, the dosing errors will be expressed as volumes of the R, G, and B solutions, instead of dosages of the medications themselves.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12938-016-0309-4 pmid:28095851 pmcid:PMC5240402 fatcat:7wmk4qdvjzaqtmbeafd3v3prie

How to calculate levothyroxine dosage after total thyroidectomy in benign thyroid disease

Lutfi Soylu
2018 Journal of Clinical and Analytical Medicine  
A regression equation was calculated (predicted LT4 dose=21.3+(0.46xBW)+(0.77xIBW) pragmatically.  ...  Correlations to body weight (BW), ideal BW (IBW), body surface area (BSA), and body mass index (BMI) were calculated.  ...  Of the 27 patients who had their follow up, 22 (81.4%) did not require an adjustment in their initial LT4 dosage, 2 (7.4%) had initial LT4 dosages that were too high, and 3 (8.1%) had initial dosages  ... 
doi:10.4328/jcam.5801 fatcat:77fw34pzszhurofn7jgtepwhge

Dosage Calculation for Intravenous Thrombolysis of Ischemic Stroke: To Weigh or to Estimate

Andreas Ragoschke-Schumm, Asem Razouk, Martin Lesmeister, Stefan Helwig, Iris Q. Grunwald, Klaus Fassbender
2017 Cerebrovascular Diseases Extra  
Because the dosage of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is weight-dependent, errors in estimation lead to incorrect dosing.  ...  While the current dosage of tPA has been approved due to the results of the NINDS trial, there remain uncertainties regarding the ideal dosage and dosage corridor.  ...  The dosage of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) depends on the patient's weight: the approved dosage is 0.9 mg/kg to a maximum dose of 90 mg.  ... 
doi:10.1159/000474955 pmid:28558372 pmcid:PMC5471779 fatcat:66byxdsgbbdvloxcf52z7ytfsa

A new formula to calculate the medicine dosage in function of the weight

Dyecika Souza-Couto, Amanda Barcelos-Faria, Emmanuel Freitas-Ferreira, Tales Alexandre Aversi-Ferreira
2021 Research, Society and Development  
The use of this kind of medicine for children must be calculate correctly and some formulas based in the empirical mathematical methods were suggested and they are used nowadays; however, patients form  ...  According, in this work, based on the mechanical mathematical model using the relation area/volume, a more exact calculus including the metabolism, was proposed to generate a more accuracy formula to calculate  ...  We studied the differences and similarities between these formulas for calculating the medicine dosage for children in order to test our formula.  ... 
doi:10.33448/rsd-v10i7.16594 fatcat:pnplvnwudfeqtjjfqx7esezoom
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