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General limitations on trajectories suitable for super-Penrose process

O. B. Zaslavskii
2015 Europhysics letters  
Actually, the present result in combination with some previous works gives a complete classification of potentially suitable states. A.  ...  As the outcome of collision is very sensitive to the type of scenario and properties of particles before collision, it is important to understand, what kinds of particles are suitable for the super-Penrose  ... 
doi:10.1209/0295-5075/111/50004 fatcat:vla26jmdbbcbvohq2ijwugz7fu

Mapping Physiological Suitability Limits for Malaria in Africa Under Climate Change

Sadie J. Ryan, Amy McNally, Leah R. Johnson, Erin A. Mordecai, Tal Ben-Horin, Krijn Paaijmans, Kevin D. Lafferty
2015 Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases  
Under future climate projections, we predicted a modest increase in the overall area suitable for malaria transmission, but a net decrease in the most suitable area.  ...  between Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, while areas with seasonal transmission suitability will shift toward sub-Saharan coastal areas.  ...  be suitable for the malaria parasite (see Fig. 6 .6 in Guerra 2007), in line with our ''marginally suitable'' or largest range limit.  ... 
doi:10.1089/vbz.2015.1822 pmid:26579951 pmcid:PMC4700390 fatcat:wyd4txvl65e7fm6vykvwokxp7u

Determination of system suitability limits with a robustness test

Y. Vander Heyden, M. Jimidar, E. Hund, N. Niemeijer, R. Peeters, J. Smeyers-Verbeke, D.L. Massart, J. Hoogmartens
1999 Journal of Chromatography A  
To avoid this, a proposal is made to define or re-define system suitability limits based on the results of the robustness test.  ...  From the effects found in the robustness test, the experimental conditions giving the worst result that still is acceptable and probable to occur are predicted and the system suitability limits are defined  ...  On the other hand, it is not considered desirable either to choose as SST limit the most extreme situation that still allows a  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0021-9673(99)00328-3 fatcat:saebqzxpdvd7tbcasbz4vrl74e

Habitat Suitability and Establishment Limitations of a Problematic Liana

Christopher C. Dickinson, John G. Jelesko, Jacob N. Barney
2021 Plants  
The early life stage of seedling emergence, survival, and establishment are critical in poison ivy success, with biotic pressure, especially from plant competition and deer, limiting recruitment.  ...  A suitable habitat of this expanding native liana would increase with increasing forest fragmentation, but might be buffered by the expanding deer population.  ...  We evaluated the early life stage of establishment success of the problematic native liana poison ivy to better understand habitat suitability and the role of biotic limitations to that success.  ... 
doi:10.3390/plants10020263 pmid:33573102 pmcid:PMC7911500 fatcat:qsbrnq3k3vg7zhhyrwqibzbvia

Chitinase: diversity, limitations, and trends in engineering for suitable applications

Ayokunmi Oyeleye, Yahaya M. Normi
2018 Bioscience Reports  
In this review, the variations in features and mechanisms of chitinases that limit their exploitation in biotechnological applications are compiled.  ...  Several chitinases have been identified as being suitable for COS synthesis.  ...  This is a major limitation to the application of chitinases for enzymatic degradation of chitin.  ... 
doi:10.1042/bsr20180323 pmid:30042170 fatcat:wzf6irkyfnadtcsmokvp3u6xu4

Using dynamic analysis of site vibration to select the suitable vibration limit

Ahmed Hashad
2018 HBRC Journal  
vibration standards were revised and based on the dynamic analysis results, site conditions, the nature of the existing buildings and the expected construction activities, and the most appropriate vibration limit  ...  Hashad, Using dynamic analysis of site vibration to select the suitable vibration limit, HBRC Journal (2016), 10.1016/j.hbrcj.2016.04.001  ...  The limiting values also change from one to three times according to the considered limit.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.hbrcj.2016.04.001 fatcat:gljv7qdzkve5znjx43cyekj7vu

Suitability of limited sampling strategy to cyclosporine A oral formulation

S Singh, D R Sharma, A Singh
2000 Indian journal of experimental biology  
On the basis of good correlation between predicted area under the curve from limited sampling points and actual area under the curve (literature survey), a limited sampling strategy at 1, 3 and 5 hr was  ...  The present results also suggest that the limited sampling strategy adopted for safer therapeutic drug monitoring of reference CyA may also be adopted for test formulation.  ...  We recommend the use of limited sampling strategy to identify absorption differences between CyA products in absence of bioequivalence data established from large patient population.  ... 
pmid:12557917 fatcat:ojkrtclbz5evnol4aximcccev4

The limiting factors of land suitability for sandalwood (Santalum album) in Sumba Island, Indonesia

2020 Biodiversitas  
The limiting factors of land suitability for sandalwood (Santalum album) in Sumba Island, Indonesia. Biodiversitas 21: 3364-3372.  ...  The map of land suitability classification for sandalwood is currently available. The land suitability assessment is determined based on designated indicators and predictors.  ...  This suggested that nitrogen is not a major limiting factor for sandalwood to grow well on Sumba Island. Nitrogen is fairly evenly spread in each suitability class.  ... 
doi:10.13057/biodiv/d210761 fatcat:4x4qv3e2m5esrlrmu7znurrq2e

Definition of System Suitability Test Limits on the Basis of Robustness Test Results

Prafulla Kumar Sahu
2017 Journal of Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques  
Situations may also become ambiguous if the system suitability limits for few responses of a robust method are violated.  ...  Eventually, replicated experiments were executed in such worst conditions and the system suitability test (SST) limits were determined. Graphical Abstract Open Access  ...  The worst-case experiment was run in triplicate and the mean result was then compared with the system suitability limit by a one-sided t-testto find out if the system suitability limit is statistically  ... 
doi:10.4172/2155-9872.1000363 fatcat:qdz5bmy7nvfelpd5eo6ya53zp4

Treatment of sugar processing industry effluent up to remittance limits: Suitability of hybrid electrode for electrochemical reactor

Omprakash Sahu
2017 MethodsX  
But present experimental shows 65% COD reduction at pH 6.5 which is near to allowable limit [14] .  ...  It has been observed that the removal efficiency was rising with current (1 A to 4 A) supply to electrode up to certain limit, further supply (5 A) drop the efficiency.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mex.2017.05.001 pmid:28560180 pmcid:PMC5437737 fatcat:6tjczdstfbarjctbnqhw7jxoyy

Understanding the Limiting Climatic Factors on the Suitable Habitat of Chinese Alfalfa

Yanru Zhang, Guan Liu, Qi Lu, Dongyang Xiong, Guoqing Li, Sheng Du
2022 Forests  
The results improve our understanding of limiting climatic factors for Chinese alfalfa and suggest a priority management measures for areas with corresponding limiting climatic factor.  ...  In order to conduct scientific cultivation of Chinese alfalfa, we collected 100 occurrence records from herbarium and publications and 19 climatic variables from BIOCLIM to simulate potential suitable  ...  Conclusions This study is the first to reveal the limiting climatic factors on the suitable habitat of Chinese alfalfa in China.  ... 
doi:10.3390/f13030482 fatcat:oc5wltokyvagxipxyx277hd62i

An ICMP-Based Mobility Management Approach Suitable for Protocol Deployment Limitation

Jeng-Yueng Chen, Chun-Chuan Yang, Wen-Shiung Chen, Yi-Hung Huang, Heng-Te Chu
2009 EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking  
To address this problem and to offset the limitation of the original MRT approach, we propose two different schemes, an ICMP echo scheme and an ICMP destination-unreachable scheme.  ...  This paper illustrated enhanced MRT schemes suitable for mobile wireless environments.  ...  Hence, the handoff latency may be large and may not be suitable for real-time multimedia applications. 2.6. Comparison.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2009/983594 fatcat:a2p4htfjjjcafdipfbyxquzpyu

Pain is a Limiting Factor in Patients Suitable for Transilluminated Powered Phlebectomy

Alexander Kantarovsky, Dmitri Vinogradski, Evgenia Mankowitsch, Itamar Ashkenazi
2019 Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal  
For this reason, it should be reserved for a select group of patients in whom other treatment options are limited; TIPP could be considered in the following cases: patients with a large number of varicosities  ...  These limitations are probably true in other studies on TIPP reported in the literature.  ...  Certain limitations should be taken into account. All the patients included in this analysis underwent surgery performed by one surgeon.  ... 
doi:10.5041/rmmj.10377 pmid:31675304 pmcid:PMC6824832 fatcat:xgied5tmwnafzal3jlbchtphui

Intra- and interday repeatability of peripheral arterial function: suitability and potential limitations

Cristian Del Bo', Valeria Deon, Marisa Porrini, Jonica Campolo, Marina Parolini, Patrizia Riso
2016 Microcirculation  
These results show the potential limitations of multiple Endo-PAT measurements 30 within the same day and the importance of standardizing the protocols before RHI evaluations. 31 32 KEY WORDS: peripheral  ...  However, information about the 234 performance of this tool in intervention trials is limited.  ...  Moreover, we standardized the meals the day before and the 324 breakfast the day of the experiment in order to limit postprandial effects.  ... 
doi:10.1111/micc.12300 pmid:27447120 fatcat:yjvj5pe6dna3vnbetpca43eyhe

Designing an Adaptive 3D Body Model Suitable for People with Limited Body Abilities

Rudolf A Cupar A
2014 Journal of Textile Science & Engineering  
Conclusions We have described an approach for developing a generalized adaptive 3D body model, suitable for people with limited body abilities, the positions of which could be adapted to different positions  ...  This group of people within the world's population have different kinds of limitations and health conditions and therefore these people with limited body abilities are sensitive about their garments and  ... 
doi:10.4172/2165-8064.1000165 fatcat:iqcl2hv2h5ftloy5iwsqrxzvha
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