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MODELS'17 paper (preprint version)

Qusai Ramadan
2017 Figshare  
Flight plan In earlier UMLsec versions, this information was expressed using components in deployment diagrams, which is not supported in UML2.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.5223907.v1 fatcat:tndhcaalmncvxmab2svl4x2zbe

La Semántica Biopolítica. Versión Preprints

Adán Salinas
2014 Zenodo  
Detallaré las versiones y las publicaciones en el desarrollo del libro.  ...  Tanto en lo que refiere a una versión clásica del liberalismo que está todavía en relación con una Razón de Estado, como en una versión actual neoliberal que ya es correlato de una Razón Gubernamental  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.11378 fatcat:qbpiomvj4rcsrapn6xncwhikjy

MODELS'17 paper (preprint long version)

Qusai Ramadan
2017 Figshare  
In earlier UMLsec versions, this information was expressed using components in deployment diagrams, which is not supported in UML2.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.5224594.v1 fatcat:3t63ephz2remrfo4ad7h4ja4bq

Predictive distributions that mimic frequencies over a restricted subdomain (expanded preprint version) [article]

Frank Lad, Giuseppe Sanfilippo
2019 arXiv   pre-print
User friendly, there are two version: one is based on Shiny R and one it is based on MATLAB code.  ... 
arXiv:1909.02499v1 fatcat:krg6qn3ojzafha2vhqnuu6sunu

A model to assess customer alignment through customer experience concepts - Preprint version [article]

Leonardo Munoz, Oscar Avila
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Business and Information Technology Alignment (BITA) has been one of the main concerns of IT and Business executives and directors due to its importance to overall company performance, especially today in the age of digital transformation. For BITA has been developed several models which in general has focused in the implementation of alignment strategies for the internal operation of the organizations and in the measurement of this internal alignment, but, there is still a big gap in
more » ... t models of the alignment with the external environment of the organizations. In this paper is presented the design and application of a maturity measurement model for BITA with the customers, where the customers are actors of the external environment of the companies. The proposed model involves evaluation criteria and business practices which the companies ideally do for improve the relationship with their customers.
arXiv:1905.02356v2 fatcat:3o2726bxj5fxjj2sq4igthvw2i

Inverse problems in spacetime I: Inverse problems for Einstein equations - Extended preprint version [article]

Yaroslav Kurylev, Matti Lassas, Gunther Uhlmann
2014 arXiv   pre-print
Indeed, the non-linearity makes it possible to solve a non-linear inverse problem which linearized version is not yet solved. This is the key novel feature of the paper. 1.1.2. Einstein equations.  ...  Alternatively, one can use the complex version of [32, Prop. 1.3.2], obtained using combining the proof of [32, Prop. 1.3.2] and the method of stationary phase with a complex phase, see [53, Thm. 7.7.17  ... 
arXiv:1405.4503v1 fatcat:mproukbnizalzgagymykxaoeoe

Vessel Archives: A Strategic Approach to Existential Risk, Human Survival, and the Future of Earth-Originating Life (Preprint submission version)

Heath Rezabek
2013 Figshare  
Preprint submission version of paper for the 100 Year Starship Symposium Proceedings (2012): Vessel Archives: A Strategic Approach to Existential Risk, Human Survival, and the Future of Earth-Originating  ...  . […] We can distinguish two versions of flawed realization: unconsummated realization and ephemeral realization.  ...  In this version, Benford notes that "...this was and is a radical idea: to convey a new kind of message, intensely information-dense, a signal of desperation.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.157109 fatcat:4uqwkqrmv5c47i2ajepx2fjcuy

The National Formulary of India 2010: Thorough and extensive revision of the preprint version needed

B Gitanjali
2011 Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics  
The pre-print version (for review) looks visually appealing, is compact in size, is light and is printed on good-quality paper.  ...  Reasonable precautions have been taken by the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission to verify the information contained in this Pre-print version of the NFI…."  ... 
doi:10.4103/0976-500x.85928 pmid:22025846 pmcid:PMC3198513 fatcat:2ds2f7zo3ramflq63ar6x5mosu

BAXTER: Bi-modal Aerial-Terrestrial Hybrid Vehicle for Long-endurance Versatile Mobility: Preprint Version [article]

Hyungho Chris Choi, Inhwan Wee, Micah Corah, Sahand Sabet, Taeyeon Kim, Thomas Touma, David Hyunchul Shim, Ali-akbar Agha-mohammadi
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Unmanned aerial vehicles are rapidly evolving within the field of robotics. However, their performance is often limited by payload capacity, operational time, and robustness to impact and collision. These limitations of aerial vehicles become more acute for missions in challenging environments such as subterranean structures which may require extended autonomous operation in confined spaces. While software solutions for aerial robots are developing rapidly, improvements to hardware are critical
more » ... to applying advanced planners and algorithms in large and dangerous environments where the short range and high susceptibility to collisions of most modern aerial robots make applications in realistic subterranean missions infeasible. To provide such hardware capabilities, one needs to design and implement a hardware solution that takes into the account the Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) constraints. This work focuses on providing a robust and versatile hybrid platform that improves payload capacity, operation time, endurance, and versatility. The Bi-modal Aerial and Terrestrial hybrid vehicle (BAXTER) is a solution that provides two modes of operation, aerial and terrestrial. BAXTER employs two novel hardware mechanisms: the M-Suspension and the Decoupled Transmission which together provide resilience during landing and crashes and efficient terrestrial operation. Extensive flight tests were conducted to characterize the vehicle's capabilities, including robustness and endurance. Additionally, we propose Agile Mode Transfer (AMT), a transition from aerial to terrestrial operation that seeks to minimize impulses during impact to the ground which is a quick and simple transition process that exploits BAXTER's resilience to impact.
arXiv:2102.02942v1 fatcat:s4c5vkhq2zfefabugucrcmg5ke

An Electronic Version of a Multidimensional Health Assessment Questionnaire (MDHAQ) for Routine Care Provides Similar Data to a Paper Version and is Preferred by Most Patients (Preprint)

Isabel Castrejon, Mariam Riad, Elena Obreja, Candice Lewis, Theodore Pincus, Niels Steen Krogh
2019 JMIR Formative Research  
The patient preference for the electronic or paper version was analyzed through a patient paper questionnaire. The 98 study patients were a typical routine rheumatology patient group.  ...  Patient preferences were 72% for the electronic version versus 7% for the paper version, while 21% noted no preference.  ...  A small fraction of patients preferred the paper version, and it is anticipated that a paper version will be offered to some patients even after the eMDHAQ is incorporated into routine care.  ... 
doi:10.2196/15815 pmid:32459182 fatcat:a36rnbthwbf5tjtariwjpyxz2m

Adherence of the #Here4U App – Military Version to Criteria for the Development of Rigorous Mental Health Applications (Preprint)

Brooke Linden, Linna Tam-Seto, Heather Stuart
2020 JMIR Formative Research  
The #Here4U App - Military Version is a promising new mental health e-solution for members of the Canadian Armed Forces community, filling many of the gaps left by traditional service delivery.  ...  The goal of the #Here4U App - Military Version is to provide evidence-informed mental health support to members of Canada's military community, leveraging artificial intelligence in the form of IBM Canada's  ...  Beta Testing During the second year of development, we used a snowball sampling method to gather participants to test the beta version of the app.  ... 
doi:10.2196/18890 pmid:32554374 fatcat:gnjurdhbrzfufig7popfnfl3hm

Action needed for the EU Common Agricultural Policy to address sustainability challenges (Preprint version)

Guy Pe'er, Aletta Bonn, Helge Bruelheide, Petra Dieker, Nico Eisenhauer, Peter H. Feindt, Gregor Hagedorn, Bernd Hansjürgens, Irina Herzon, Angela Lomba, Elisabeth Marquard, Francisco Moreira (+9 others)
2020 Zenodo  
Making agriculture sustainable is a global challenge. In the European Union (EU), the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is failing with respect to biodiversity, climate, soil, land degradation as well as socio-economic challenges especially in rural areas. The European Commission's proposal for a CAP post-2020 allows Member States to choose low-ambition implementation. With a new Parliament and Commission in place, the reform process has now restarted. It is therefore time to act on urgent
more » ... nges and address citizens' demands for sustainable agriculture, using the full breadth of available scientific evidence and knowledge. Concerned about attempts to dilute the environmental ambition of the future CAP, we call on the European Parliament, the EU's Member States and the European Commission to adopt ten urgent action points for delivering sustainable food production, biodiversity conservation, and climate mitigation towards an evidence-based, future-proof European agriculture. The
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3666257 fatcat:j6oanjcozra3hfph46dd6j7hn4

The Shapeshifter: a Morphing, Multi-Agent,Multi-Modal Robotic Platform for the Exploration of Titan (preprint version) [article]

Ali-akbar Agha-mohammadi, Stephanie Schneider , Issa A.D. Nesnas, Alessandra Babuscia Jet Propulsion Lab., California Institute of Technology and Sanford University and
2020 arXiv   pre-print
thermal ≈ 100 - - Total: ≈ 300kg ≈ 245000cm 3 ≈ 200W Total + 25%: ≈ 375kg ≈ 300000cm 3 ≈ 250W and JPL are currently collaborating on producing a radiation-hardened version  ... 
arXiv:2003.08293v1 fatcat:4u55de7yxvdfvd7lsep5k5wkti

Development and Validation of the German Version of the Mobile Application Rating Scale (MARS-G) (Preprint)

Eva-Maria Messner, Yannik Terhorst, Antonia Barke, Harald Baumeister, Stoyan Stoyanov, Leanne Hides, David Kavanagh, Rüdiger Pryss, Lasse Sander, Thomas Probst
2019 JMIR mHealth and uHealth  
The aim of this study was to translate and validate a German version of the MARS (MARS-G). The original 19-item MARS was forward and backward translated twice, and the MARS-G was created.  ... 
doi:10.2196/14479 pmid:32217504 fatcat:anbeij5gi5hjnaaynz2pkyned4

Paper-based versus web-based versions of self-administered questionnaires, including food-frequency questionnaires, in a prospective cohort (Preprint)

Itziar Zazpe, Susana Santiago, Carmen De la Fuente-Arrillaga, Jorge Nuñez-Córdoba, Maira Bes-Rastrollo, Miguel Angel Martínez-González
2018 JMIR Public Health and Surveillance  
, and others used a Web-based version.  ...  ) of participants who completed the Q_0 and Q_10, respectively, had the option of choosing the Web-based version.  ...  version.  ... 
doi:10.2196/11997 fatcat:bci333v4pnbmfeh27srtmp7do4
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