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Aortic calcifications and inflammation are associated with in-hospital complications in acute coronary syndrome

Konstantia-Paraskevi Gkini, Dimitrios Terentes-Printzios, Charalambos Vlachopoulos, Iosif Koutagiar, Αngeliki Rigatou, Stavroula Pantou, Christos Georgakopoulos, Dimitrios Tousoulis
2018 Artery Research  
Objective: Carotid-femoral Pulse Wave velocity (cfPWV), the gold standard for measuring stiffness, is a marker of organ damage (OLD). Even though cfPWV correlates with casual (BPc), central (CBP) and ambulatory (ABPM) blood pressure (BP), evidence is limited for resistant hypertension (RH). Method: Thirty-three patients (age, 56.1 AE 8.2 years; weight, 78.0 AE 12.4 kg; height, 1.62 AE 0.08 m) with RH participated in a crosssectional study. Outcomes included clinical data, BPc, ABPM, and
more » ... , ABPM, and carotidfemoral, cfPWV. Correlation analysis was conducted to assess the association between variables; independent t-tests were conducted to compare variables between those participants with cfPWV < and ! 10 m/s. Results: Patients (20 women and 13 men) presented a peripheral systolic and diastolic BPc of 144.0 AE 3.8 mmHg and 82.0 AE 1.9 mmHg, respectively. The cfPWV correlated with age (r Z 0.356, p Z 0.045), 24 h systolic BP (24 h SBP) nightime pulse pressure (night PP), 24 h pulse pressure (24hPP), casual systolic (SBPc) and diastolic BP (DBPc), central systolic (CSBP), diastolic (CDBP) and central pulse pressure (CPP); controlled for age the correlation remained significant for 24h SBP (rZ0.446, pZ0.009) 24hPP (rZ0.464, pZ0.007), nightPP (rZ0.365, pZ0.036), SBPc (rZ0.620, p<0.001), DBPc (rZ0.488, pZ0.004), PPc (rZ0.592, p<0.001), central SBP (rZ0.587, p<0.001), central DBP (rZ0.487, pZ0.001) and central PP (rZ0.506, pZ0.003). Patients with lower values of cfPWV (nZ26) showed lower SBPc (142.8 AE 15.9 vs. 162.6 AE 30.9 mmHg, pZ0.025), central SBP (136.0 AE 15.7 vs. 154.1 AE 31.8 mmHg, pZ0.041) and PP (49.6 AE 9.5 vs. 60.9 AE 20.8 mmHg, pZ0.043) than patients with cfPWV!10 m/s (nZ7). Conclusion: Our data shows that cfPWV correlates with SBPc, 24hSBP, 24hPP and CSBP, after controlled for age, in patients with RH.
doi:10.1016/j.artres.2018.10.210 fatcat:sd6ivatrrngkxkjuj5bnze6gbm