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The distributed computing environment naming architecture

N Leser
1993 Distributed Systems Engineering  
The OS@ Distributed Cbmputing Environment (DCE) constitutes a set of technologies which have been selected thrOJgh an open acqu's:tion process and integrated into a coherent DCE aschitenure. This paper d:scusses the arcnitenure d DCE wh;le focusing on the architeciure of the name service as one d the key elements. The ndion d the cell is introduced and described. The cell S an essential property d the DCE architenure. While providing a means for mcdell'ng a d'stributed system, cells go beyond
more » ... , cells go beyond be'ng a forma ism for describing the system. This paper e.aborates on the role and purpose of the cell, the semant:cs of tne cell namespace, the placement in a large worldwioe spanning system, the implications of securiq in a d:stribLted system, and Other related architemral properties of DCE. All this will be d:scussed in conjLnction with dher arch:tectural approaches of modellhg d:stributed systems. involvement w:th this pro;ect during the last four years. It includes studies and evalJation d worldwide available technologies and research projects, archtectLral. design and developmental work on these tecnnologies and experience with further usage d this system, in paninlar the inlegraton of the objen or'ented d:stributed management technology, Lsing DCE Nam:ng and SecLrity Services. The research and engineering word on this paper is based on a leading The key elements of a distributed system The DCE architecture was determined and developed by analysing currently available technologies and by defining the inherent propcrtics of distributed systems [l, 21. Essential requirements are the needs for integrating networked systems into a coherent distributed systems environment and for solving system growth &om homogeneous parallel processing systems into distributed systems [3].
doi:10.1088/0967-1846/1/1/003 fatcat:7wdbthp2xnfqhpzevo4rj62zhu