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Леонов В.Е., Гуров А.А.
The article presents scientific and technical publications on the progressive climate change on the planet, caused by an increase in the average annual temperature of atmospheric air, marine oceanic environment and, as a consequence, accompanied by the disruption, and in some cases destruction of natural ecosystems, biotic communities, biomes. A possible cause of climate change on the planet is the "greenhouse" effect. The opinions of scientists and experts on the issue of the "greenhouse"
more » ... e "greenhouse" effect on the planet and its consequences were divided into diametrically opposed ones: 1) there is a "greenhouse" effect, 2) there is no "greenhouse" effect. And this contradiction, in our opinion, is quite understandable. Indeed, it is impossible to conduct research on a global scale in the three ecological niches of the environment. Therefore, researchers offer various models, the adequacy of which is impossible to verify on a global scale of the environment, space. Despite the contradictory views on the "greenhouse" effect, it can be stated that the consequences of an increase in the average annual temperature of the air basin and the marine oceanic environment are very negative and predictably catastrophic. We have carried out an analysis and computational studies over the past 60 years, characterized by the most intensive consumption of hydrocarbon raw materials of a non-renewable nature, by the accumulation of carbon dioxide, a marker of the "greenhouse" effect, in three environmental niches. From the results of the studies carried out, a conclusion suggests itself about the congruence of the growth of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions in the air basin and the increase in the average annual temperature of the air basin, it is possible to assume an increase in the average annual temperature of the marine environment, depending on time. How to get out of this situation of irreversible nature there are ways, it is more difficult to make a decision on a planetary scale. The examples of the implementation of research wor [...]
doi:10.24412/9215-0365-2021-60-1-29-39 fatcat:qddmrh3pvbavfj4jj5jd6possu