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On the characteristics and climate effects of HV-WCP events over the Kuroshio SST front during wintertime

Haokun Bai, Haibo Hu, William Perrie, Ning Zhang
2020 Climate Dynamics  
Neglected High-frequency Variability events of the sea surface Wind Coupled with Precipitation (HV-WCP) events are revealed over the Kuroshio Sea Surface Temperature (SST) front in the East China Sea (ECS) during wintertime. This phenomenon is characterized as modulation events of the surface wind directions, whereby the southerly anomaly changes into a northwest anomaly, accompanied with increasing wind speed, and coupled with decreasing precipitation from morning to night on the day with the
more » ... n the day with the peak variability. The events are associated with significant climate effects on the rainfall anomaly over southeastern China and adjacent ocean areas of the ECS. To sustain these events, the large-scale circulation needs to exhibit declines in the upstream monsoon and weakening vertical mixing in the planetary boundary layer (PBL). The Kuroshio thermal effect on the underlying atmosphere becomes prominent due to weakening vertical mixing, which results in pronounced PBL height gradient over the Kuroshio SST front. More plentiful moisture transported from PBL to the free atmosphere, generates the initialization of rainfall and the cyclone anomaly. Meanwhile, the latent heat releasing caused by this precipitation forces positive vorticity anomaly within the PBL, which again strengthens the cyclone and the upward moisture transport. Therefore, a complement between local circulation and rainfall is developed over the Kuroshio region. Due to the significant effect of the Kuroshio SST front on the PBL structure, the HV-WCP intensity is able to maintain its strength over the Kuroshio region. However, because of the northwestern background monsoon, the HV-WCP events vanish quickly when the coupled system moves out of Kuroshio SST frontal region.
doi:10.1007/s00382-020-05373-5 fatcat:u2wupbqburblfe2rgw777duoau