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Three-dimensional time-dependent neutron diffusion simulation using average current nodal expansion method

Kambiz Valavi, Ali Pazirandeh, Gholamreza Jahanfarnia
2020 Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection  
In this work, the average current nodal expansion method was developed for the time-dependent neutronic simulation of transients in a nuclear reactor's core. For this purpose, an adopted iterative algorithm was proposed for solving the 3-D time-dependent neutron diffusion equation. In the average current nodal expansion method, the domain of the reactor core can be modeled by coarse meshes for neutronic calculation associated with reasonable precision of results. The discretization of time
more » ... zation of time differential terms in the time-dependent equations was fulfilled, according to the implicit scheme. The proposed strategy was implemented in some kinetic problems including an infinite slab reactor, TWIGL 2-D seed-blanket reactor, and 3-D LMW LWR. At first, the steady-state solution was carried out for each test case, and then, the dynamic neutronic calculation was performed during the time for a specified transient scenario. Obtained results of static and dynamic solutions were verified in comparison with well-known references. Results can indicate the ability of the developed calculator to simulate transients in a nuclear reactor's core.
doi:10.2298/ntrp2003189v fatcat:h6narffnkjccpbciglanfvvhqe