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The star formation history of the dwarf irregular galaxy SagDIG

E. V. Held, Y. Momany, L. Rizzi, I. Saviane, L. R. Bedin, M. Gullieuszik, G. Bertelli, E. Nasi, M. Clemens, M. R. Rich, K. Kuijken
2006 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
We present a preliminary reconstruction of the star formation history of the Sagittarius dwarf irregular galaxy (SagDIG), a dIrr galaxy at the border of the Local Group. SagDIG is a lively star-forming dwarf galaxy with very low metallicity and an abundant gas reservoir, for which deep HST ACS observations have been obtained (Momany et al. 2005) . We have built synthetic color-magnitude diagrams in the intrinsic ACS bands F606W and F814W and compared them with our HST/ACS observations to derive
more » ... ervations to derive the global star formation history of the galaxy. We find a broad episode of star formation between 3 and 8 Gyr ago, with a low-intensity tail of star formation at older ages, and a SF enhancement in the last Gyr. An upper limit to the old populations is set by modeling the old HB. Our modeling of the color-magnitude diagram also provides some constraints on the chemical enrichment history of SagDIG.
doi:10.1017/s1743921307008356 fatcat:xthwlmgv6jccjj6fizozjdrjee