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QoS Parametric Inspection of Uniform and Assorted Trajectories for MANET Routing Protocols

Nitesh Sehwani, Sajid Rahman, Anna Harris
2017 International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences  
A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a self-governing network of mobile nodes without the inclusion of any wired links. Each node can move in an ad hoc manner and therefore, such a network should consist of routing protocols which can adapt to dynamically changing topologies. Numerous protocols have been proposed for the same. However, the trajectories followed by the individual nodes have not been distinctly dealt with. This paper presents a meticulous study on QoS parameters of proactive (OLSR)
more » ... of proactive (OLSR) and reactive (DSR) protocols of MANETs for uniform as well as dissimilar trajectories of individual nodes in a small network of about 20 nodes. Also an examination of partial node failures for both the above mentioned protocols has been done. The performance metrics utilized in this study are average throughput and average delay. OPNET modeler has been utilized for this study. This assessment shows that for uniform trajectories, OLSR has almost same average delay but a higher average throughput as compared to DSR. Also it is seen that, as compared to uniform trajectories, non-uniform trajectories deliver a much higher average throughput. Node failures only reduce average throughputs whereas average delays remain unchanged.
doi:10.4236/ijcns.2017.1010014 fatcat:fvcmiszy6je2jdeaqsnbyqomxm