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Species differences in the physiological disposition of 3-tritylthio-L-alanine (NSC83265)

J J Coffey, P E Palm, E P Denine, P E Baronowsky, C J Kensler
1971 Cancer Research  
The pharmacokinetics of p.o.-administered 3-tritylthio-L-alanine (NSC 83265) has been analyzed in the rat, dog, and monkey. The rat absorbed tritylthioalanine slowly by a non-first-order process and excreted the drug rapidly, chiefly in the bile, with a half-time of 20 hr. The dog and monkey showed rapid first-order absorption and slow excretion, mainly in the urine, with a half-time of about 81 hr. Urinary excretion by the monkey was somewhat higher than by the dog. The limited solubility of
more » ... ted solubility of NSC 83265 appeared to limit' the total absorption of the drug. The main site of drug concentration in the tissues of all three species was the liver, with appreciable concentrations also in the kidney of the monkey.
pmid:5000977 fatcat:u3vwdzm6orh3roamvu3yc6ohgu