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Effects of a Tantalum Addition on the Morphological and Compositional Evolution of a Model Ni-Al-Cr Superalloy

C. Booth-Morrison, R.D. Noebe, D.N. Seidman
2008 Superalloys 2008 (Eleventh International Symposium)   unpublished
The effects of a 2.0 at.% addition of Ta to a model Ni-Al-Cr superalloy aged at 1073 K are assessed using scanning electron microscopy and atom-probe tomography. The addition of Ta results in appreciable strengthening, and the morphology is found to evolve from a bimodal distribution of spheroidal precipitates, to cuboidal precipitates aligned along the elastically soft <001>-type directions. Tantalum is observed to partition preferentially to the γ'-precipitate phase and decreases the mobility
more » ... reases the mobility of Ni in the γmatrix sufficiently to cause an accumulation of Ni on the γ-matrix side of the γ'-precipitate/γ-matrix heterophase interface.
doi:10.7449/2008/superalloys_2008_73_79 fatcat:gl7rittpwbhhtewoa3yz3diehe