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Auger Electron Spectra - The Basic Data for Understanding the Auger Effect

Ekkehard Pomplun
2000 Acta Oncologica  
Understanding the strong radiotoxicity of DNA-incorporated Auger electron-emitting nuclides requires a detailed knowledge of the nuclide's emission spectrum. A Monte Carlo computer code was previously developed to simulate Auger cascades and to provide electron spectra of 125 I. To utilize experimental data for a direct validation of these simulations, the code has been adapted for cascades in xenon, which is adjacent to iodine in the table of elements. Only minor modi® cations of the code were
more » ... ns of the code were necessary to obtain a very good agreement with the experimental ® ndings. The role of shake-off electrons and the need for energy considerations during the cascades could be demonstrated. A previously published electron spectrum of 125 I was recalculated and detailed results are presented here. Furthermore, to consider implications from a molecular binding of the Auger emitter, for the ® rst time semi-empirical quantum mechanical calculations for an iodine-labelled thymine molecule were performed showing that even in the condensed phase a Coulomb explosion cannot be excluded a priori.
doi:10.1080/028418600750063712 pmid:11130003 fatcat:2ug73bk2hnhkfmef25n7w7tbfm