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Structure and Function of Multimeric G-quadruplexes [post]

Sofia Kolesnikova, Edward A. Curtis
2019 unpublished
G-quadruplexes are noncanonical nucleic acid structures formed from stacked guanine tetrads. They are frequently used as building blocks and functional elements in fields such as synthetic biology and also thought to play widespread biological roles. G-quadruplexes are often studied as monomers but can also form a variety of higher-order structures. This increases the structural and functional diversity of G-quadruplexes, and recent evidence suggests that it could also be biologically
more » ... logically important. In this review we describe the types of multimeric topologies adopted by G-quadruplexes and highlight what is known about their sequence requirements. We also summarize the limited information available about potential biological roles of multimeric G-quadruplexes and suggest new approaches that could facilitate future studies of these structures.
doi:10.20944/preprints201908.0176.v1 fatcat:hp5yjcmjcbhslctu6m6hl5ueva