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Doğal Ayıklanmacılık Yaklaşımına Göre Covid-19 Sürecinde Örgütlerin Değişimine Yönelik Bir Tartışma

Ahmet İLHAN-
2020 Turkish Studies  
The Covid-19 outbreak, with its announcement as a pandemic, caused numerous changes in the social and economic fields, and these changes have become the new realities of our lives. Besides, the pandemic outbreak has begun to change the business practices for organizations and employees at a rapid pace in terms of the strategy, time, place, and sector variables. In this context, the principles of natural selection, which is an evolutionary approach based on biology, have been used especially to
more » ... used especially to develop and expand the scope of organizational research and to explain organizational change and survival. This study aims to determine what changes the Covid-19 process has brought on organizations, along with the stages of crisis and change, and how organizations react to these changes within the framework of natural selection. Furthermore, in respect of the relationship between organizations and change during the Covid-19 outbreak, an attempt has been made to determine the types of organizational change that the organizations are subjected to due to environmental pressures in the context of the principles of the natural selection approach. In this context, it is possible to foresee the type of change that organizations are exposed to and their forward-looking positions as a result of the natural selection processes. In line with the information obtained from this research, it was determined that the form of the organizations started to change as a result of the new realities revealed by the crisis and changes during the Covid-19 outbreak and the conditions set by the pandemic. Accordingly, we can say that, during the Covid-19 outbreak, the organizations have gone through unplanned, macro, sudden, extended, proactive and reactive, active and passive, and revolutionary changes. As a result of these changes, according to the natural selection approach, some organizations diversify, cling, spread and win the fight for existence. On the other hand, if some organizations cannot adapt to change, diversify harmfully or uselessly or cannot provide resources, they lose their fight for survival and disappear. Structured Abstract: Introduction: It was discovered that a case that was thought to have been observed first in the Wuhan city of the Public Republic of China in December 2019 and then spread over the world and which had not been seen before was infected by a new Coronavirus. As a result, an infectious type of Covid-19 has emerged and has been declared a "pandemic" by the World Health Organization (WHO) in line with the developments. The Covid-19 pandemic, which has influenced the whole world, has led to the emergence of an extraordinary period. This extraordinary period has initiated a global crisis. This crisis has affected every area of social life at different levels. It is anticipated that the degree of these impact levels will result in permanent and radical changes at the macro or micro levels, both individually and organizationally, in the near and distant future. The perspective of changes that emerge in extraordinary periods, especially in the limited conditions Turkish Studies, 15 (6) that come with radical changes, highlights the approaches that determine the structure, properties, function and future prospects of organizational forms. There are several possible changes that the Covid-19 outbreak will cause on the existence, functioning and structure of organizations. Since the process started, organizations' and employees' ways of doing business and their culture have started to change. Organizations have to respond to the new situation by adapting to environmental pressures, also known as the new conditions. With the Covid-19 outbreak, organizations are entering the natural selection process with new situational (conditional) pressures that are changing and becoming more normal on a global and national scale. In this context, organizations' assets have started to be compromised and the way they do business has started to differ. Therefore, it seems that the transition towards an order in which the organizations are in less physical reality has emerged. In this article, the changes caused by the Covid-19 outbreak in the organizations and the reactions of the organizations against the natural selection process were examined. In this study, the process of natural selection, which guided the understanding of the organizations, was explained first. Later, the Covid-19 outbreak was categorized as crisis and change stages, the initial emergence and the post-emergence, and tried to be examined. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the relationship between the change and the organization was handled in the plane of organizational change types. Finally, in the discussion section, the effects of the change brought about by Covid-19 were evaluated in terms of both individuals and organizations. With the conclusion and suggestions part, the change-related effects of the Covid-19 outbreak on organizations and future predictions were determined and expressed in a conceptual plane.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.44452 fatcat:ph5qzahqe5cbbjoqj52elwoake