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Fermion Masses and Mixings in a String Inspired Model

N. Haba, C. Hattori, M. Matsuda, T. Matsuoka
1996 Progress of theoretical physics  
In the context of Calabi-Yau string models we explore the origin of characteristic pattern of quark-lepton masses and the CKM matrix. The discrete $R$-symmetry $Z_K \times Z_2$ is introduced and the $Z_2$ is assigned to the $R$-parity. The gauge symmetry at the string scale, $SU(6) \times SU(2)_R$, is broken into the standard model gauge group at a very large intermediate energy scale. At energies below the intermediate scale down-type quarks and also leptons are mixed with unobserved heavy
more » ... nobserved heavy states, respectively. On the other hand, there are no such mixings for up-type quarks. Due to the large mixings between light states and heavy ones we can derive phenomenologically viable fermion mass hierarchies and the CKM matrix. Mass spectra for intermediate-scale matter beyond the MSSM are also determined. Within this framework proton lifetime is long enough to be consistent with experimental data. As for the string scale unification of gauge couplings, however, consistent solutions are not yet found.
doi:10.1143/ptp.96.1249 fatcat:7gvq4n2a2fbtzle6iuyrjqqerm