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Chromatographic and electrophoretic identification of the form of fluorine-18 obtained from some reactor-irradiated lithium compounds

Silvia Bulbulian, Flor de M. Ramirez, Jos� Luis Iturbe, Carol H. Collins, Kenneth E. Collins
1989 The Analyst  
No-carrier-added fluorine-I8 was produced by the GLi(n, a)3H, lGO(t, n)18F reaction sequence o n nuclear reactor irradiation of Li2C03, LiOH.H20 and LiN03. Paper chromatographic and electrophoretic separations of possible radiofluorine-labelled species, obtained after dissolution of the target compounds and subsequent purification using m i n i m u m amounts of neutral alumina, indicated the presence of only fluoride ion (18F-).
doi:10.1039/an9891400349 fatcat:e3py5rxwhnhiba2x5cewd7ktdy