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Evaluation of Notch Tensile Strength for High Strength Steel with Inclusions : In Case of Casting High Speed Steel
介在物を有する高強度切欠き材の強度評価 : 鋳造高速度鋼材を例にとって

Shigeru HAMADA, Suguru KASHIWAGI, Akio SONODA, Naoshi IZUMI, Hiroshi NOGUCHI
工 norder to establi $h strcngth evaluati 〔 m methQd of the hig】 1 streng し h nQtch material which has an 面 dus め n , tcnsjle tests uf materia ] which have vari 〔 )us notch radius and { racture toughness tests abuu し high strength ca らtirlg high spced steel materials w ・ ere perforrned 、 The validity of cons 歪 dering that an inclusiQn is equivalent t( 〕 a crack 且 rld considering the inf 】 uencc whi じh the interference between an inclusion und a no 之 ch h 盈s on tensjle 5tre th 洫 fr8cture
more » ... 洫 fr8cture mechanics using stress illtellsity factor were e. xaTuined . Te " site fracture conditiont were evaiuated by defining onc fan 皿 ulas which c 目 } cu } ate the stress intens ... ty facε or w ・ } ]ich used 、 〆 7而 parameter 叮 亘⊂)dei as t↑ re terユsiJe fractul ' e conditions K 】8 ( ρ) . As a ro 則 1t Df 山 e test, as for tho high strength τlo ヒ ch materia 弖cc ) ntaining many inc】 usiorls . し h巳 notch r (] ot muxlmum elastic stress at t} 1e ti 皿 e of tho fracture i ' aried , arld it was shQwn clearlv that the cause was because an inclusion size varies . Pt ・ fore(〕ver , a streTlgth evaluation with little scatlel ・ was possibie by making / 1 ' , B ( ρ) into fracture culldi し io1 ユs . That is , i し was shQwn clearly by considcring that an inclusion is equi ▽ alent to a crack that it is effectlve to consider thc infヨ uencc which the iDterfercnce between an inclusion and a notch has り1員 ensile strel 璃 th in fracture mechan 〒 cs using a :ヒ ress intensity f且 ct 〔レr .
doi:10.1299/kikaia.75.1764 fatcat:4vucd3rn6bcotf24jwz4lhc7ri