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A correlational study between hospital patient safety culture and computer self-efficacy among nurses in a hospital setting

Jean Marc Joseph
A largely aging population, increase in chronic diseases, and rising costs are leading to the requirement for worldwide healthcare reform (Wilson, Whitaker, & Whitford, 2012). Wilson, Whitaker, and Whitford (2012) resolved, "To meet these needs, nurses are being encouraged to practice to the full extent of their skills and take significant leadership roles in health policy, planning, and provisions" (Wilson et al., 2012). "Nurses are frequently restricted in their scope of practice even as they
more » ... actice even as they comprise the largest group of health professionals" (Wilson et al., 2012). Wilson et al. asserted, "Nurses can help improve health services in a cost effective way, but to do so, they must be seen as equal partners in health service provision" (2012). The purpose of this study is to examine if there is a correlation between the level of computer skills among nurses working in a hospital setting and the patient safety culture of the hospital in order to promote successful electronic medical record in the nursing practice. The methodology for this study is a questionnaire design that will be used to survey hospital patient safety culture and nurses' views using computer self-efficacy systems in a hospital setting. This data collection and the presentation of the necessary findings and results will provide key insights for the evaluation of this research management. All statistical analyses will be performed using SPSS for Windows (IBM SPSS 19.0, SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL). All of the analyses will be two-sided with a 5% alpha level. Demographic characteristics of the study sample will be described using the mean, standard deviation, and range for continuous scaled variables, and frequency and percent for categorical scaled variables. Cronbach's alpha will be used to measure the internal consistency reliability of the computer self-efficacy, teamwork within hospital units aspect of patient safety culture, hospital management support for patient safety aspect of patient safety culture, communication openness aspect of patient [...]
doi:10.7282/t38054j9 fatcat:fxze6gzdjjfrdf44ftsvjao2ny