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The Way of Saint James: A sacred space? [unknown]

Adeline Rucquoi
An increasing number of pilgrims make their way each year to the Sanctuary of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. For many, the Way is almost more important than the goal to be achieved, that is, the tomb of the apostle. Can the space thus covered, sometimes taking weeks or months, be considered 'sacred'? Undoubtedly, the pilgrimage to Compostela unites space and time. But it adds a particular symbolic dimension to them that makes it the quest for the elsewhere, the other and the absolute. As an
more » ... the absolute. As an image of the 'pilgrimage of human life', the whole formed by the apostolic sanctuary and the path leading to it, thus, acquires a sacred character.
doi:10.21427/02ax-eb56 fatcat:q3p7nxzoebfdjc5wcy3eexeqia