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Effect of Polyethersulfone on the Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Polyetherimide-Modified Epoxy Systems

Yingfeng Yu, Zhicheng Zhang, Wenjun Gan, Minghai Wang, Shanjun Li
2003 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research  
The reaction-induced phase separation process of polyethersulfone-and polyetherimide-modified (PES-and PEI-modified) epoxy systems was investigated by using transmission electronic microscopes (TEM) and a rheometry instrument. The morphologies of cured blends alter considerably with the PES content and molecular weight at the same content of total thermoplastics. Compared with the PEI-modified systems, many complex phase separation mechanisms are observed due to the introduction of PES, but
more » ... ion of PES, but similar relationships between melt viscosity change behaviors and morphology developments are observed in the PES-added ternary systems. Dynamic mechanical analysis (dma) and mechanical studies show that neither heat resistance nor toughness of the resultant blends is obviously influenced by the addition of PES.
doi:10.1021/ie0210309 fatcat:ycmcts6nzvfjvpx6w6q45sao5i