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Semantic Web-driven Agent-based Ecosystem for Linked Data and Services

Oleksiy Khriyenko, Michal Nagy
We are surrounded by data-data about events, our daily activities, a multitude of products and services from different vendors, etc. This data is playing a central role in our lives. It helps us make better decisions. Increasing numbers of individuals and organizations are contributing to this huge flow by sharing their data with others, including Web-native companies (such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), newspapers, public governmental bodies, various research
more » ... esearch initiatives, etc. In turn, third parties are consuming this data to build new businesses, provide new services and accelerate scientific progress. However, very often new service creation has an obstacle-limited data availability. Becoming accessible later, data may cause reimplementation of the service that might cost too much and user will be left without improvement of the service. In this paper we combine the existing technologies, highlight the challenges and show the way that might help solve the problem. In order to elaborate Semantic Web-driven Agent-based Ecosystem for Linked Data and Services we utilize the so-called UBIWARE platform. UBIWARE is a semantic middleware platform for Ubiquitous Computing.