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Numerical Simulation Research on the Stability of Urban Underground Interchange Tunnel Group

Shiding Cao, Shusen Huo, Aipeng Guo, Ke Qin, Yongli Xie, Zhigang Meng, Gan Feng
2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Highway tunnel group has the characteristics of large span and small spacing, and the load distribution characteristics of surrounding rock between each tunnel section are complex. Based on geological prospecting data and numerical analysis software, the stress distribution characteristics along the characteristic section and the profile of the tunnel group were obtained. Taking Shenzhen Nanlong complex interchange tunnel group project as an example, the results show that (1) the excavation
more » ... the excavation area of Qiaocheng main tunnel gradient section is large, and the grade of surrounding rock is poor, which leads to the phenomenon of large-area stress concentration on the right wall of this section. (2) The tunnels in the joint construction section of the tunnel group belong to the stress concentration area, and the influence of the right line excavation of Qiaocheng on the stability of the main tunnel of the right line of Baopeng is greater than that of the main tunnel of the left line of Baopeng. (3) The stress concentration of surrounding rock in the intersection section between the main tunnel and the ramp is caused by the too small distance between the main tunnel and the ramp of Baopeng. (4) The distance between the partitions in the K3 + 240 multiarch section of Qiaocheng is an important factor affecting the stability of the surrounding rock of the cave.
doi:10.1155/2021/9913509 fatcat:sjds2bibm5e77e5rzgywvazvxe