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Notes: The Efficiency of the Borax Bead Tests for Nickel and Cobalt

L Curtman, P. Rothberg
1911 Journal of the American Chemical Society  
I88 GENBRAL, PHYSIGU. AND INORGANIC. perature, thin gold-like scales are obtained which are probably K20.3Pt0,. The potassium is removed bq7 dilnte acid and the trioxide, PtO" is obtained, which is extremely unstable. By-the careful chlorination of PtCl" or dechlorination of PtCl, a t 390', IW1, was obtained as a greenish black powder, which is slightly soluble in cold water, and which dissolves rapidly in boiling water with the formation of thc acid H?PtC1,0, some hydrolysis also taking placp.
more » ... also taking placp. 13y precipitation \vitli sodium carbonate I,. J. CURTMAN. P. ROTHBERG. COLLEOB 08 THE Cm OF NZW YORK, November, 1910. A Good Substitute for the Platinwm Triangle.-While working with an alloy of nickel and chromium in form of a resistance wire manufactured by the Driver-Harris Wire Co., its resistance to the common laboratory fumes and oxidation a t the temperature which it is possible to obtain with the ordinary blast lamp, made it occur to the writer that this wire might be used to advantage to replace the ordinary platinum &angle.
doi:10.1021/ja02215a006 fatcat:ybaxptnoofgobhx2tusxhw47vu