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Simple Load Rebalancing For Distributed Hash Tables In Cloud

Ch Mounika
2013 IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering  
Distributed file systems are key building blocks for cloud computing applications based on the Map Reduce programming paradigm. In such file systems, nodes simultaneously serve computing and storage functions; a file is partitioned into a number of chunks allocated in distinct nodes so that Map Reduce tasks can be performed in parallel over the nodes. However, in a cloud computing environment, failure is the norm, and nodes may be upgraded, replaced, and added in the system. This dependence is
more » ... This dependence is clearly inadequate in a largescale, failure-prone environment because the central load balancer is put under considerable workload that is linearly scaled with the system size, and may thus become the performance bottleneck and the single point of failure. In this paper, a fully distributed load rebalancing algorithm is presented to cope with the load imbalance problem. Our algorithm is compared against a centralized approach in a production system and a competing distributed solution presented in the literature. The simulation results indicate that our proposal is comparable with the existing centralized approach and considerably outperforms the prior distributed algorithm in terms of load imbalance factor, movement cost, and algorithmic overhead.
doi:10.9790/0661-1326065 fatcat:i6dcj7kztfdctfopjigyhdvrxe