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Unique trophoblast chromatin environment mediated by the PcG protein SFMBT2

Priscilla Tang, Kamelia Miri, Susannah Varmuza
2019 Biology Open  
Stem/progenitor cells are maintained by a chromatin environment, mediated in part by Polycomb group (PcG) proteins, which depress differentiation. The trophoblast-specific PcG protein SFMBT2 is known to be required for maintenance of trophoblast progenitors. Rather than binding to trophoblast-specific genes repressed in TSC, SFMBT2 is concentrated at chromocentres and regions rich in repetitive elements, specifically LINE sequences and major satellites, suggesting that it is involved in
more » ... involved in higher-order organization of the trophoblast genome. It is also found enriched at a subset of ncRNAs. Comparison of ChIP-seq datasets for other chromatin proteins reveals several stereotypical distribution patterns, suggesting that SFMBT2 interacts with several different types of chromatin complexes specific to the trophoblast lineage. Conceptualization: S.V.; Methodology: P.T., K.M.; Software: P.T.; Validation: P.T.; Formal analysis: P.T.; Investigation: P.T., S.V.; Resources: P.T., K.M., S.V.; Data curation: P.T.; Writing -original draft: P.T., S.V.; Writing -review & editing: P.T., S.V.; Visualization: P.T., K.M.; Supervision: S.V.; Project administration: S.V.; Funding acquisition: S.V.
doi:10.1242/bio.043638 fatcat:ozjy4bxvwvcwrdi3g3rqhv6w3e