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Dr. Lüdeling's researches on the diurnal variation and on magnetic disturbances in polar regions

L. A. Bauer
1899 Journal of Geophysical Research  
By requ?t of the Editor, Dr. Liideling has contributed the foregoing summary of the results of his recent investigations. It had been the intention to have the article translated into English, as the author had already published his p. aper in German. This could not, however, be done in time for the present •ssue, and accordingly the follow{hE brief abstract •s given for the benefit of those who have d•culty in reading •erman. The author •nvestigates graphically the phenomena of the diurnal
more » ... of the diurnal variation of the earth's magnetism for the eleven stations enumerated on page •46, with the aid of yon Bezold's vector-diagrams. A vector-diagram is the cu•e which the north end of a hor•zonta!!• suspended needle, freed from the mean action of the earth, •ould describe •n the course of a day •n consequence of the diurnal variation, •f at every instant the half length %f the needle represented the magnitude of the hoKizontal deflecting force. Such diagrams were employed originally by k•ry and Lloyd. They, however, took as components of change those along the •agnet•c meridian and perpendicular •hereto, wh{!e yon Bezold takes 1Ha components along the astronomical directions. Von Bezold first showed the full s•gni•cance of such d•agra•s. Thus, for example, •f the diurnal vat{at{on could be referred t• au invariable system of magnetic forces revolving around the earth once •n twenty-four hour•" then the vector-diagram for all places along a parallel of latitude would be the same for the same local mean t•me at each. • Dr. L•del{nE's paper {s a continuation of yon Bezold's investigation. He constructs the •ct6r-•iagrams for the eleven stations for the months of June
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