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Low-order modes as diagnostics of spheroidal non-neutral plasmas

M. D. Tinkle, R. G. Greaves, C. M. Surko, R. L. Spencer, G. W. Mason
1994 Physical Review Letters  
In many experiments on single-component plasmas, including antimatter plasmas, the standard diagnostic techniques used to measure the density and temperature are not appropriate. We present a new method for determining the size, shape, average density, and temperature of a singlecomponent plasma confined in a Penning trap from measurements of the plasma mode frequencies. PACS numbers: 52.25.%'z, 52.35. Fp, 52.65.+z, 52.70.m Many experiments requiring
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.72.352 pmid:10056409 fatcat:rrzghxtwcfhpnh3uyez3mfdm5m