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Żandarmeria wojskowa w świetle perspektywy prawnej przeciwdziałania przemocy w rodzinie

Maciej Fijałka
2015 Roczniki Teologiczne  
A b s t r a c t. Ensuring inviolabilities of territory and the safety inhabiting them is one of inalienable tasks of you and his structures of citizens. In the environment surrounding us, on the different standards of living, we are encountering threats which they are trying out as well as are disrupting our guaranteed right to the calm life. Undoubtedly a home violence which for many years in Poland was called the "home row" according to custom is one of threats of current world or with
more » ... orld or with "quarrel". In the scope, mode and under the terms of separate laws and regulations are performing predicted tasks for Police in military forces of the Republic of Poland and towards soldiers the Military Police and military ordinal organs. The Military Police is participating in preventive programs, carrying preventive activities out in military forces the Republic of Poland, from the scope of the counteraction among others: for alcoholism, drug addicts and psychedelic centers, violence in the workplace, of the network security and the corruption. After nearly 6 years, on the day of 01 July 2015 procedural entitlements of the Military Police, and hence offences committed also outside premises of the unit will increase (disconnected with the service) will be subject to a Military Police. Police cannot be an only institution, on which bars a weight of the counteraction of the violence is sitting down in the family, and the phenomenon of recognizing and counteractions of these pathological changes in the environment of the army -including the procedure of the "Blue Card" -must be located in a territory of jurisdiction of the Military Police. With one of basic means of adapting the potential of the military police to planned changes of the procedural property designing statutory processes should constitute Military Police so that she is effective, must have full fan of tools for the detection and preventing of all signs the corruption of living in the family. In the presented article were directed attention to the need Mgr inż. MACIEJ FIJAŁKA -adres do korespondencji:
doi:10.18290/rt.2015.62.10-4 fatcat:ne4zcr6635ampb7f6oivy2l3ou