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Physics opportunities at $\mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ Higgs factories [article]

S Heinemeyer, M S Carena, G Moortgat-Pick, F Von Der Pahlen, W Murray, F Franke, H Fraas, Apostolos Pilaftsis, Sabine Kraml, D García, C Blöchinger, Georg Weiglein (+2 others)
We update theoretical studies of the physics opportunities presented by · Higgs factories. Interesting measurements of the Standard Model Higgs decays into , · and Ï Ï £ may be possible if the Higgs mass is less than about ½ ¼ Î, as preferred by the precision electroweak data, the mass range being extended by varying appropriately the beam energy resolution. A suitable value of the beam energy resolution would also enable the uncertainty in the -quark mass to be minimized, facilitating
more » ... cilitating measurements of parameters in the MSSM at such a first · Higgs factory. These measurements would be sensitive to radiative corrections to the Higgs-fermion-antifermion decay vertices, which may violate CP. Radiative corrections in the MSSM may also induce CP violation in Higgs-mass mixing, which can be probed via various asymmetries measurable using polarized · beams. In addition, Higgs-chargino couplings may be probed at a second · Higgs factory.
doi:10.5170/cern-2004-002.337 fatcat:ejvifmdps5dnlo4dpyveji2e7a