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Research Progress on the Reaction of Carbon Dioxide with Nucleophiles

Pei Xu, Shun-Yi Wang, Yi Fang, Shun-Jun Ji
2018 Youji huaxue  
Carbon dioxide as a green and cheap C1 synthon has significant research value and industrial application prospect. In recent years, using carbon dioxide to synthesize cyclic carbamates, quinazoline-2,4-(1H,3H)-diones, cyclic lactones and other heterocyclic compounds have been research hotspot. Many of the heterocyclic compounds can be synthesized by reacting the carbon atom in carbon dioxide with electron deficient with nucleophiles. This review focuses on the recent intermolecular and
more » ... ecular and intramolecular reactions of carbon dioxide with nucleophiles centered around nitrogen, oxygen, or carbon.
doi:10.6023/cjoc201801046 fatcat:epfkpanr2zcavibevwh3tdt2ii