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Characteristics of Cracks under Vickers Indentation in Glass Using Acoustic Emission
음향방출을 이용한 유리의 비커스 압입 균열 특성

H.Y. Park, J.K. Lee, H.I. Park, B.W. Lee
2012 Journal of the Korea Society For Power System Engineering  
Abstract:Acoustic emission (AE) is known to be sensitive to fracture process and so it was expected that AE data may propose as a means of monitoring the fracture information. The aim of this study is to analyze the characteristic of AE signal emitted from glass during Vickers indentation. To observe AE characteristics by surface effect, both glass and coating glass were studied. During Vickers indentation loading, AE signal resulted from penny-like crack is detected. During Vickers indentation
more » ... Vickers indentation unloading, AE signal resulted from both radial/median crack and lateral crack is detected. In case of indentation on glass, the emission energy() is found to be approximately proportional to the fourth power of the crack length. In case of indentation on coating glass, the emission energy() is approximately proportional to the crack length. 이병우(교신저자) : 부경대학교 신소재공학부
doi:10.9726/kspse.2012.16.1.072 fatcat:jwdnqs5jrjczdoan6j3m4xxtl4