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التفکیر الإیجابی والسلبی وعلاقته بمهارات التخطیط للحیاة الجامعیة لدى طالبات المرحلة الجامعیة بجامعة الحدود الشمالیة بالمملکة العربیة السعودیة

عزة أحمد مرسى, حنان إبراهیم عواد مرعى
2018 Alexandria Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
The purpose of this work isto study of the typical positive and negative thinking of university undergraduate students and the relationship between these thinking perspectives with the planning skills of university life in different dimensions such as problem solving, responsibility and Communication skills. The study was applied to 200 female students who were selected in a random manner, and the results have shown statistically significant differences at an indication level of (0.01) among
more » ... of (0.01) among the average grades of the students in thepositive thinking research sample in favor of the literary specialization. The study indicates the existence of statistically significant differences at the indication level (0.01), in negative thinking, in favor of scientific specialization. Also, we have found adirect relationship between positive thinking and planning skills for university life, and an inverse relationship between passive thinking and planning of university life. Also, the results of the study showed the existence of statistically significant differences between the scientific and literary specializations,considering the positive thinking in life planning skills, in favor of literary specialization. The study recommends the need for providing mentoring programs, through educational institutions, for female students to train them how to utilize the strategies of positive thinking,how to distance from negative thinking and the role of the media in the establishment and promotion of the pattern of positive thinking in all areas of life.
doi:10.21608/alexja.2018.82449 fatcat:hzplg4ztkbdsnarevz3ujjv2xm