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Noting/Negating/Negotiating Voices

Carl Leggo
1944 Phenomenology + Pedagogy  
I spent two wonderful years (1987)(1988)(1989) at the University ofAlberta studying for the PhD degree in secondary education. Taught, and more importantly nurtured, by professors Parsons, Iveson, Oster,jagodzinski, and Craig, I was encouraged to explore and experiment. Above all I was supported in my conviction that educa tional theory and research need to be personal and political and prophetic, in my concern to examine the pedagogical enterprise creatively from the perspectives of
more » ... tives of autobiography and narrative and life-writing and poetry and journaling and story-making. Jam currently an assistant professor in the Department ofLanguage Education at the University ofBritish Columbia where I teach courses in English education, composition, communication skills, and issues ofgender in language education. In my teaching and research I continue to be guided by the convictions that were nurtured at the University ofAlberta. Above all I speak and write out of my personal experiences, out of my emotions (myjoy and pain), out ofmy understanding ofmyselfand my world. As I respond to personal experiences in my writing and teaching, I disclose my world. I make sense of it. I reflect on people, places, and problems with personal pertinence, hoping that other people will see themselves in that personal experience, too. But this is not an easy task. While in my teaching and writing lam motivated by the desire to make stories, Jam also challenged constantly by the difficulty of fram ing life in stories. Beginning What are the voices I hear/respond to/converse with when I am writing poetry? In order to examine this question, I wrote several poems and recorded my interaction with voices during the process of writing. In one of my favorite Norman Rockwell drawings, Norman Rockwell is drawing Norman Rockwell drawing as Norman Rockwell squints in a mirror at Norman Rockwell drawing. With a similar playful earnestness I listened intently to my writing and the voice(s) which operate(s) in it.
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