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Preparation of thermo-sensitive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) film using KHz alternating current Dielectric barrier discharge

Xiao-Liang Tang, Shao-Meng Guo, Zi-Dian Liu, Ren-Zhi Tang, Jia-Yu Pang, Yang Chen
2018 Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Forum on Energy, Environment Science and Materials (IFEESM 2017)   unpublished
Plasma, a quasi-neutral gas, is referred to as the forth state of matter. Plasma surface treatment consists of plasma surface modification, plasma polymerization and plasma surface grafting. Dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) is an effective way of producing homogeneous plasma. DBD consists of infinite micro-discharges, which distribute irregularly the whole discharge space both in time and in space. The self-made equipment of atmospheric pressure plasma vapor deposition of
more » ... oly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAm) was used in the environment of argon. PNIPAm is a new type of smart thermo-sensitive macromolecule material that is characterized by a sudden precipitation on heating, switching from a hydrophilic to a hydrophobic state. The samples were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). It was revealed from the results of SEM analysis that the PNIPAm films were formed on the surface of the smooth glass slides, according to XPS and FTIR, it was found that there exists PNIPAm.
doi:10.2991/ifeesm-17.2018.113 fatcat:3pjkquvxungi5poa6jmjedodtu