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An Exploration of Efficiency and Influencing Factors of Low Carbon City

Manfred Schrenk, Vasily Popovich, Peter Zeile, Pietro Elisei, Wei-Han Cheng, Hsueh-Sheng Chang, Wei-Han Cheng
2012  reviewed paper Proceedings REAL CORP   unpublished
Recent years due to global environmental change, environmental protection and carbon dioxide reduction have become urgent issues. At the same time, it is also required to ensure the maintenance of urban economic activities and human life. The priority of economic development and environmental protection has caused much controversy. The tradeoff between economy and environment implies the concept of urban efficiency. And this corresponds to the viewpoint of low carbon economy:"the least carbon
more » ... "the least carbon emission in exchange for the largest urban benefits". Therefore, this paper takes the concept of eco-efficiency to simulate the process that a city consumes natural resources in exchange for social and economic development, and adopts Data Envelopment Analysis as a tool to analyze the urban efficiency performance and the factors of urban efficiency. First, this paper assesses urban development efficiency of Taiwan cities and counties, and analyzes the room for improvement of inputs and outputs. Second, this paper explores the influential factors of urban efficiency and the effects of these factors. Final result is expected to provide a reference to low carbon strategies of Taiwan cities and counties, and it will be helpful to future urban management, so that cities will develop towards low carbon economy and achieve the goal of sustainable development.