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Effect of Care Prevention for the Frail Elderly in Winter in a Snowy and Depopulated Area

Miyuki MASAI, Masahiro KITATANI, Toshiaki YAMAZAKI
2018 Rigakuryoho Kagaku  
Purpose] The present study examined the effects of care prevention for frail elderly females, who were classified into sarcopenia and non-sarcopenia groups, in winter in a snowy and depopulated area. [Participants and Methods] The subjects were 44 frail elderly females. They were selected using a basic health check list. They were asked to complete a basic health check list for care prevention to assess their physical function. The intervention was a 90-minute weekly program conducted in
more » ... conducted in winter. [Results] Physical function showed no significant difference in either group after the intervention. A significantly larger number of elderly females in the sarcopenia group were socially withdrawn prior to intervention, but after the intervention, there was no significant difference between the two groups. [Conclusion] Although decrease of activity and decline of physical function is predicted in winter, there is a possibility that the intervention improved the subjects' social interaction and maintained their physical functions. Key words: winter, care prevention, a snowy and depopulated area 要旨: 〔目的〕積雪・過疎地域の冬季における,虚弱の女性高齢者に対する介護予防事業の効果をサルコペニアと非 サルコペニアに群分けして分析した. 〔対象と方法〕対象者は介護予防基本チェックリストで選定された虚弱の女性 高齢者 44 名で,冬季に介入した.測定項目は筋肉量などを含めた身体機能項目とし,介護予防基本チェックリスト を実施した.プログラムは週 1 回 90 分間とした. 〔結果〕介入前後ではどちらの群においても身体機能に有意差はな かった.サルコペニア群で介入前は閉じこもりが有意に多かったが,介入後には閉じこもりが少なくなり,2 群間に 有意差がみられなかった. 〔結語〕活動性や身体機能の低下が予測される積雪・過疎地域の冬季においても,週 1 回 の介入で閉じこもりの改善や機能維持に効果がある可能性が示唆された. キーワード:冬季,介護予防事業,積雪・過疎地域 1) 公立羽咋病院 リハビリテーション科:石川県羽咋市的場町松崎 24 (〒 925-8502) TEL 0767-22-1220 2) 金沢大学 医薬保健研究域 保健学系 受付日 2018 年 5 月 22 日 受理日 2018 年 6 月 25 日
doi:10.1589/rika.33.829 fatcat:xjgsljlmt5e5letjvfuk4id2bu