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Eco-Friendly Multipurpose Lubricating Greases from Vegetable Residual Oils

Ponnekanti Nagendramma, Prashant Kumar
2015 Lubricants  
Environmentally friendly multipurpose grease formulation has been synthesized by using Jatropha vegetable residual oil with lithium soap and multifunctional additive. The thus obtained formulation was evaluated for its tribological performance on a four-ball tribo-tester. The anti-friction and anti-wear performance characteristics were evaluated using standard test methods. The biodegradability and toxicity of the base oil was assessed. The results indicate that the synthesized residual oil
more » ... ed residual oil grease formulation shows superior tribological performance when compared to the commercial grease. On the basis of physico-chemical characterization and tribological performance the vegetable residual oil was found to have good potential for use as biodegradable multipurpose lubricating grease. In addition, the base oils are biodegradable and non toxic.
doi:10.3390/lubricants3040628 fatcat:m3qk7osfi5h2xg33axx3s3qy34