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Fused and adaptive modified wave estimators for navigation systems

2007 Communications Faculty Of Science University of Ankara  
Navigation systems have vital importance both in military and civil applications. But, the error associated with these systems reduces the efficiency of the system. Kalman filter is a tool that is commonly used to decrease these errors. Recently, the modified wave estimator (MWE) has been proposed as an alternative to Kalman filter for navigation systems. Unlike Kalman filter, the MWE defines the process noise as deterministic means. Both estimators have advantages and disadvantages with
more » ... antages with respect to each other. This paper proposes an adaptive MWE and an estimator that fuses estimations from the MWE and Kalman filter. Both estimators try to attempt to make use of advantages of each estimator in the best way possible. Performance of the MWE, Kalman filter, the fused estimator and adaptive MWE are compared through a navigation simulation and results are discussed.
doi:10.1501/commua1-2_0000000024 fatcat:rtpaicgjcbavjkiwqbuqmf6aqa