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Modeling and control of double star induction machine by active disturbance rejection control

Aichetoune Oumar, Rachid Chakib, Mohamed Cherkaoui
2020 TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)  
This paper aims to contribute to the modeling and control of the double star induction machine (DSIM) by a robust method called active disturbance rejection control (ADRC). The ADRC has become in the last decade one of the most important techniques of regulation. This method is based on the use of an ESO (Extended State Observer) which estimates in real-time and at the same time the external disturbances and the errors due to the variations of the parameters of the machine and to the
more » ... d to the uncertainties of modeling. The two stators of DSIM are powered by three-phase inverters based on transistors and MLI control and the entire system is modeled in Park's reference. We analyze in the Matlab/Simulink environment the dynamic behavior of the system and the different ADRC controllers under different operating conditions. The result has demonstrated the performance and effectiveness of the ADRC. Keywords: ADRC DSIM ESO MLI This is an open access article under the CC BY-SA license. APPENDIX Parameters of the DSIM: Rated power 4.5 KW Number of pole pairs P = 2 Stator and rotor resistors: RS1= RS2 =0.86Ω, Rr =0.36Ω. Stator and rotor inductances: LS1= LS2 =0.184H, Lr =0.0246H. TELKOMNIKA Telecommun Comput El Control  Modeling and control of double star induction machine by... (Aichetoune Oumar) 2727 Mutual inductance: Lm =0.0537H Moment of inertia: J = 0.025 kg.m2 Coefficient of friction: Kf = 0.001Nms/rad Parameters of the ADRC regulators of the stator currents: = 379.1709, b0 = 5.4348, β1= 7.5834e+03, β2=1.4377e+07. Parameters of the PI regulators of the rotor flux: = 37.7358, = 175.0632. Parameters of the PI regulators of speed: = 1.1865, = 11.8850 .
doi:10.12928/telkomnika.v18i5.14377 fatcat:hmjhrwpeivckznras63epmcr4u