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Synthesis and characterization of smooth ultrananocrystalline diamond films via low pressure bias-enhanced nucleation and growth

Y. C. Chen, X. Y. Zhong, A. R. Konicek, D. S. Grierson, N. H. Tai, I. N. Lin, B. Kabius, J. M. Hiller, A. V. Sumant, R. W. Carpick, O. Auciello
2008 Applied Physics Letters  
This letter describes the fundamental process underlying the synthesis of ultrananocrystalline diamond ͑UNCD͒ films, using a new low-pressure, heat-assisted bias-enhanced nucleation ͑BEN͒/ bias enhanced growth ͑BEG͒ technique, involving H 2 / CH 4 gas chemistry. This growth process yields UNCD films similar to those produced by the Ar-rich/CH 4 chemistries, with pure diamond nanograins ͑3-5 nm͒, but smoother surfaces ͑ϳ6 nm rms͒ and higher growth rate ͑ϳ1 m / h͒. Synchrotron-based x-Ray
more » ... based x-Ray absorption spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy studies on the BEN-BEG UNCD films provided information critical to understanding the nucleation and growth mechanisms, and growth condition-nanostructure-property relationships.
doi:10.1063/1.2838303 fatcat:xbauawib4fhftpclwlulll7a3a