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Influence of growth factors on poultry myogenic satellite cells

D. McFarland
1999 Poultry Science  
Abbreviation Key: CI-Man-6-P/type II IGF receptor = cationindependent mannose 6-phosphate receptor; ECM = extracellular matrix; EGF = epidermal growth factor; FGF = fibroblast growth factor; FREK = fibroblast growth factor receptor-like embryonic kinase; HGF = hepatocyte growth factor; IGF = insulin-like growth factor; PDGF = platelet-derived growth factor; TGF-b = transforming growth factor-b. ABSTRACT Skeletal muscle development in avian and mammalian embryos depends on the proliferation,
more » ... proliferation, differentiation, and fusion of embryonic myoblasts. During the late fetal period and following birth or hatching, myogenic satellite cells are responsible for this developmental function. Satellite cells, which are found adjacent to existing skeletal muscle fibers fuse with these fibers and their nuclei direct the synthesis of new protein and function in the maturation of muscle. These events are controlled by specific growth factors that are produced locally by satellite cells and other cells in the muscle. Progress in our understanding of the early events in myogenesis has been made possible by the
doi:10.1093/ps/78.5.747 pmid:10228973 fatcat:54elbvjhsjh5lb35td42atqhq4