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Mandatory assessment of trophological status and nutrition in children in drugs prescribing

L. A. Kharitonovа, A. M. Zaprudnov, K. I. Grigoriev
2020 Eksperimental'naia i klinicheskaia gastroenterologiia = Experimental & clinical gastroenterology  
The article discusses interactions between medications (Ms) and food. The influence of Ms on the processes of absorption of the essential food ingredients, vitamins, macro- and trace elements in the gastrointestinal tract is analyzed. The significance of the malabsorption syndrome, antibiotic-associated diarrhea as cause of the impaired nutritional status is emphasized. Simultaneously, food products are able of altering the pharmacological effect of some most common drugs. Administration of Ms
more » ... ministration of Ms depending on food intake is discussed. The importance of taking into consideration the influence of foods and theirbiologically active substances on the pharmacokinetics of Ms in the body is pointed out.
doi:10.31146/1682-8658-ecg-173-1-4-14 fatcat:ymgqfqvm75etjba46ngtxgnlne