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Empirically Consistent `Calculable' Quark Mass Matrices Leading to the Same CKM Phenomenology

Ken-iti Matumoto
1993 Progress of theoretical physics  
269 It is remarked that the empirically consistent 'calculable' quark mass matrices recently proposed by us have a family of quark mass matrices leading to the same CKM phenomenology and predict I VUbl/Vcb"'(1/2)Jlmd/msl "'(1/2) Vus. In previous papers,l),2) considering the discrepancies between the Fritzsch type 3 ) quark mass matrices-the only survived quark mass matrices until recently-and the recent CKM phenomenology as a serious one, we have searched for and presented new types of
more » ... w types of calculable quark mass matrices consistent with the CKM phenomenology in the approximately flavour democratic as well as the approximately diagonal bases. We have advocated l ) that the realistic quark mass matrix must have the following structure, in the approximately diagonal basis, where We have also searched for and presented 2 ) empirically consistent approximately flavour democratic quark mass matrices, predicting O'Maiani between oa and 180°. They are given as Ml~2><PU=0~co ) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1] [ 1 ~. _(+)3gu ~ 1 o~] ¥h u [ 1 + iPu+li o o o =c:[~ ~ ~]+(_)3gd[~ ~ ~]+~hd[ ~ 1 1 1 0 0 0 -i I The first, the second and the third term of the Ml~2) are the flavour democratic terms,
doi:10.1143/ptp.89.269 fatcat:4ugcigkhbrcvtateepol7oaoou