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Prajakta Naxane, Prof Wanjari
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Data is nothing more than a piece of information. It can be facts related to any object inconsideration. For example your name, age, height, weight etc. In computer term, data is referred as information stored on computer system, used by applications and users to achieve tasks. It is used for analysis or used to reason or used for decisions. Data base can be defined by collecting associated information that is stored in an organized manner. It makes data management easy. Database Management
more » ... base Management System (DBMS) is a collection of programs which enables its users to access database, manipulate data and help in representation of data. For example, an online telephone directory would definitely use database management system to store data relating to people, phone numbers, and other contact details. Electricity service providers is using a DBMS to manage billing, client related issues, to handle fault data. For storing very less data we use flat files like word, excel. But for storing large amount of information we need databases like oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Foxpro. Data stored at data centers are having certain issues like incorrect data, duplicate data etc, for that data cleaning is necessary. Data cleaning is nothing but abolition of flawed data caused by disagreement, inconsistency, keying mistakes, missing bits, etc used mainly in databases.